2018 Project

The Project in 2018

31 adult members of the Scout Association will spend 3 weeks at the orphanage in summer 2018 to build a dormitory for the children with bunk beds, personal storage space, separate washing facilities for boys & girls and a staff bedroom.


The new dormitory will make a massive difference to the quality of life for the children. Currently they sleep 7 to a mattress – 14 to a bunk bed with 4 bunk beds in a room approx 12 x 12 feet. That’s 56 children in a room not much bigger than most box rooms in an English house. The room has only a small window and the only spare space is to allow the door to open.




The 2018 Project

The Kerry West Orphanage Project - https://www.kworphans.com


  • 95 children aged 2-12 years attend the school
  • 65 children are boarders who live in the orphange full time
  • Some children are orphaned (often due to Aids) while some have parent/s unable to look after them. Many of the children are HIV positive
  • The children attend the school 5 days a week and on Sunday they attend church in the morning
  • The main issues facing the orphanage are lack of food, adequate shelter, medical care, school equipment & clothes


The head of the orphanage is Prossy. Other staff members include members of Prossy’s extended family and adults who were once cared for as orphans at the orphanage.

For more info on the Kerry West Orphanage Project click on this link


The children wash outside so there is no privacy. At present they have no belongings so personal storage has not been required but that is changing fast.



When 4 of our team visited the orphanage in June we took every child a new school uniform and there was great excitement and laughter as they put on their new red and white jumpers. Kerry also takes out as much as she can when she visits the orphanage - in August she took each child a small toy and some personal items including toiletries along with more clothes.

The aim is for each child to have a small storage tray in their bedroom to keep their own possessions. A generous baggage allowance and 31 people travelling in June 2018 will mean that we can take many more resources for both the children and the school.


We have written an extensive list in consultation with Kerry of items that the children need so if you could help, please click the “How to Help” link.

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