October saw 20 members of Project Nepal 3 travel to the Helambu region of Nepal to undertake 2 very different projects in 2 separate villages.

Our first stop was Kutumsang Health Post 2 days trek from Kathmandu. We were welcomed warmly by the locals and camped with fantastic mountain views.

We had been asked to build a buffalo proof fence around the health post to stop the aniamls from trampling the vegetable plots where the nurses were trying to grow fruit and vegetables to supplement the subsistence diet of the local village. Over 60 post holes were dug by hand – many at alarmingly vertical angles on the steep hillside. Concrete was also mixed by hand to fix the metal posts and the chain link fencing attached.

The team then undertook some much needed renovation work on the health post itself in amongst a couple of ladies arriving from the surrounding villages to give birth! We also dug holes for 100 fruit trees which the project paid for which would agin supplementt the local diet and provide a small surplus to sell.

Project Nepal 2012

As always the local children love to get involved and give a helping hand.

After 4 days the group left Kutumsang to trek over the mountain to the village which was the site of the very first Project Nepal in 2008. The trek route took us over the high pass of Thatepati where we camped at 11,800 feet.

After many days hard but enjoyable work both walls were completed and the villagers gathered to say their thanks and wish us farewell. Little did we know that our friends in Melamchigaon would soon have their village devastated by the 2015 earthquakes.

On arrival at Melamchigaon old friends were waiting with a warm welcome. The school hostel that we built on our first project housed children accessing full time education for the first time and the school and village were both going from strength to strength. This time we had been asked to help finish the new Health Post which Community Action Nepal had been funding. There was the need for two large retaining walls around the Helath Post so the team set to work with the huge pile of stones dug out of the surrounding area by the villagers.

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